Edward Waller Acupuncture


Sally, Braintree

I've been having acupuncture privately for 8 months, as I found that it worked so well whilst I was able to receive it on the NHS.

For me it took about 3 months to feel a big change. My M.E. is very hard to treat due to there being no known cause yet and therefore no conventional treatment. I didn't want to keep taking medication so I started to visit Ed, who I found to be very personable and an extremely patient listener, which for me is important as M.E. has so many complications such as pain, fatigue, cognitive fog and insomnia to name but a few. Along side the physical symptoms come the psychological ones of stress and anxiety.

Ed is able to help me on all levels: Pain reduction; more energy; clarity and restful sleep. By having a very good understanding of me and my needs, Ed is able to tailor each treatment to address the ailments that are affecting me the most at that particular time whilst being able to tweak the areas as and when my symptoms change.

I now take less medication, sleep more restfully and feel a lot more comfortable, both physically and psychologically.


After experience some awful acid reflux and nausea, I had been recommended to see an acupuncturist. Before attending my first accupuncture session, I was not sure what to expect or how I would feel. I was soon feeling very relaxed after our first initial consultation. Edward is very personable and professional. He has a very empathetic manner. The environment is very clean and calming. The treatment is simple and pain free. After the first couple of sessions I started to notice a considerable difference in both my pain and my energy levels. I have now had 5 sessions and will be continuing with the treatment. I couldn't recommend acupuncture highly enough. Sam.


Acupuncture is an amazing alternative therapy that offers so much more than most people realise. In the hands of a true expert, traditional Chinese acupuncture, has had a really positive impact on my life. Edward Waller has such a caring and empathetic approach that you feel completely at ease and know that you are being supported by someone who truly cares about giving the best possible treatment to every patience, every visit.

I have been supported by Ed through a number of changes, initially with food issues and having a healthier attitude to food but then followed by supporting my 'fertility journey' and continuing that support through my pregnancy. Ed is a true master of his trade and I was recommend him to everyone no matter whether you have a specific issue or just to support your overall well-being and balance.